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Call to vote online: My newest video is a finalist in a national competion!

I’m one of only seven finalist in a national video competition!! My video was selected by a panel, but the winner is voted for and this is A BIG DEAL FOR ME~

1.) Go to
2.) Click ‘Register’ on the upper right of the page
3.) Take the 20 seconds to fill in email etc. (they WILL NOT spam you!) and accept the terms at the bottom
4.) Vote for my video ‘Our Own Promised Land’

I made a video that tackles the tough subject of religion in politics. It’s not about things like manger scenes on courthouse lawns, but rather politicians who don’t think we need to take care of our environment based on their religious grounds.

Obviously, not all religious people care nothing for the environment, nor would they tell my close friends they can’t get married because they’re both girls, or withhold the benefits of stem cell research from Alzheimer’s patients.

This political movement needs an emotional appeal, and possibly a main reason I’m a finalist is that I don’t assert an Anti-religion position, but simply a Pro-human one. It seems to me that a person is good or not, based on the actions they take and not the beliefs they do or do not hold.

So I am being the change I want to see in this world.
-Join me, and we’ll make Our Own Promised Land.

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